Wellness & Prevention

Regular nose-to-tail wellness exams and personalized preventative care plans help keep your pet feeling their best!

Wellness & Prevention


Partnering for Your Pet's Health and Happiness

Our goal is to help keep your furry companion living their healthiest, happiest life with you. Regular nose-to-tail wellness exams, early detection bloodwork, and age-specific assessments tailored to your pet help give us the insights we need to do this–and the opportunity to catch issues early if they arise.

It’s not always obvious when our pets are having health issues–and some animals are good at hiding the signs that something is wrong. Plus, some diseases can sneak in undetected. with subtle changes in their health or behavior potentially overlooked without preventive care.

That’s why at Livewell Animal Hospital, our treatment philosophy is rooted in partnership with pet parents and focused on prevention with early diagnosis and treatment. Catching issues early offers us the advantage of more treatment options, including less expensive options, and better outcomes for your pet.

What do we look at with Wellness & Prevention care?

Learn more about services that are considered Wellness and Prevention when teaming up with Livewell for your pet's needs.

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